Our local retail stores are called “Area 51 Tobacco & Novelties” and are located at:

2374 E. Little Creek Rd.
Norfolk, VA 23518


4676 Princess Anne Rd. Suite #150
Virginia Beach, VA 23462.

Regardless of what the government says, Area 51 does exist and it is on the map…and it’s in the 757 area in VA. Area 51, Inc. – Tobacco & Novelties was established in February of 2011 in the Roosevelt Shopping Center area of Norfolk, VA. The local store there Area 51 Tobacco & Novelties built an ongoing stream of loyal regulars in the local area by giving people what they want, providing the best up to date products, and excellent customer service! Go check out the best little secret spots in Hampton Roads in Norfolk & Va Beach…and don’t forget to say hi to Fred the Alien.

Area 51 specializes in Tobacco products, Vapes (Liquid/Wax/Dry), E-Juice/Vape Juice, Incense, Pipes, Glass art pieces, Hookahs, Shisha, Herbal Supplements, Kratom, CBD Oil & Products, Novelties & More.